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Discovering honesty

 With Mr Jaar

It’s been awhile since i’ve written a post here. The last time i was here, i was going through a lot of pain. So much so i couldn’t even articulate how i felt without sounding like a broken record. A year has passed and i think i’ve grown since. A lot has happened. Most of it good. I think i found a lot of myself, especially lately.

This year’s discovery is about being honest to myself more. With what i want, need and like. And to let go of things and people who are toxic and destructive in a calm and peaceful way. I’ve learn to not take things personally and to tell myself more that when people are cruel to you when you did absolutely nothing wrong, its not you.It’s them.

One of the other biggest hurdle that i manage to tackle was to tell a man that i like how i truly felt about him..about us and me..Unlike my previous attachment, i’m usually guarded at the beginning of a new form relationship. This time i decided i want to do without the games and bullshit and just be completely honest and open and let all the card fall as it may. It was scary and i stand to lose the guy but i thought to myself, better him than me. I had no expectation or hope. I sent the text ( yes i did it via text 😛 yes i should have done it face to face..let’s tackle one fear at a time lols ) and slept.

I woke up the next day to a long message from him and that he wanted to try and he felt the same way i felt. I was elated but the joy was short lived. A week after our “confession” he just went MIA. The old me would’ve message, call and seek for explanation but the new me couldn’t be bothered. If he wanted to be with me, he would make the effort to make it work. If he had some issue on the side he could have said something to manage my expectations but alas he didn’t.

The take out from the whole experience, even though the guy turned out to be a douche in the end…people promise things because they just get caught up in the moment. Possibly at the time they meant it because u caught them off-guard so they go on panic mode and they don’t want to lose you just yet and not on your terms. Everyone has the best intentions. Not everyone goes in with a conscious thought of wanting to hurt the other person. Unless they’re just insane. Everybody just trying to do the best they can. As was i..All you can do is just do the best you can and treat the other person with the best respect, care and love that you can…



The art of declaring one’s affection or love to another human being is something i’ve always been interested to know. I guess because i’m a silly romantic. I just love hearing stories from friends and strangers on how they’d declare their love for their significant other.

Like my parents, they met at the library. My dad frequently went there to get my mom’s attention. He’d always find ways to sit close to her. He’d say silly things to get a reaction out of her but my mom didn’t take the bait. He tried so many times to win her and on the day he decided it would be his last try, my mom cocked her head to the side and smile and said “hey, you have fangs..i like guys with fangs” It’s cheesy i know but i’ve always kept that story close to heart . Just found it adorable that my mom had my dad at his fangs.

But yah, the art of professing one’s feelings is a true art form. Through out my dating “career” ( i say career because its a full time job on it own) I’ve done silly things to profess my affections to my significant other. I’ve written songs. I wrote text messages while they were sleeping next to me to tell them how i felt. I sneaked in a note in his bag and so much more. To some, all these acts are deemed childish..high school even..but most silly romantics i know..such acts are looked upon as sweet and adorable.

It’s not everyday one would get such declaration and admiration from a significant other. Professing one’s feelings is a momentous act for each person. It takes a lot out of them to be able to do such things. Its something to admire instead of it be made a mockery. Its an action to tell the other how he or she is special in their eyes. In our eyes. Its something that you shouldn’t fear because its the purest sense of honesty. A form of flattery. Regardless of how it’s been done, when you’re in love you just do silly things.

Hardest Part




Come Monday, It’ll be a month since i left KL. I’ve gone to all the interviews that   was pencilled into my schedule. What i’ve set out to do, is not done. I can’t secure an employer willing to sponsor my work visa. Day in day out i tell myself to be positive to believe that it will happen for me but its just been hard to keep up a smile when your heart is breaking. Especially today. When everything around me is grey and wet.

It’s very frustrating when your obstacle is an effin piece of paper. Yes they like my work. They like the way i think. They like that i have multiple skills but its just not enough. They tell me there are ways to go about this, which i appreciate but the ways aren’t instant, not right now. For some i might sound absolutely ungrateful. Some people would kill to have the same opportunity as me. To be here and to take the experience in. I guess i broke my little rule of hoping. I hoped that when i got here, i’d be lucky.

But its as they say, it never always goes the way you planned. So now, its time to regroup and rethink the strategy. What sort of solution i can come up for my dilemma? I have a month to make an impression on this agency. Proof my worth and that i exist. I am no little typical little asian. I refuse to be average. I’ve gone through PLAN A,B & C i have 23 other letters to go through…now to buck down for the last 4 weeks.


There are times, i’d want the day to just past real fast and i’d just be at the airport waiting for my flight to take me home. There are days, i’d be walking out in the city or be sitting at the park and i’d fall in love all over again. I feel completely revived and filled with ideas. Driven to make an impact. Then i get back to my apartment, i lose my spark. I wish at this moment i could just be and i’d have a lot more time to straighten this out.

Selling oneself and trying to find a solution to your dilemma can be a momentous task. All i need right now, is to be consistently inspired. To figure out, what about me that would want them to hire me? What makes me stand out? Got to think big now.

hope..the 4 letter word

(via papertissue)

Time is running out. Every day seem to past much faster. It’s been a bag filled with emotions for me. It’s funny how early in the year, i wished for this but now i wish i could just slow it down. It’s a catch 22. I hate my life at home but i want to be here in KL so i can be close to him. I can’t have one over the other if i want to be absolutely 100% happy. Staying in KL means living with mom and i can’t do that anymore.

To be absolutely free of mom, is to first get out of this country. Prove to her i can make it happen. I can stand on my own two feet. And hope by me being away, she’d learn to miss and appreciate me more. But then again with hope come expectations and that’s when it all goes to shit. I hate the word hope as much as i love it. It’s just been hard to hope for anything when you’re constantly being disappointed.

Its nice some time to have hope for a love that last or to achieve ultimate happiness or to have the love, respect and affection of a mother. It would have been such a completion. It’s not so much of worldly goods that does it for me. It has to be more than momentary happiness.