2008 year …of the Rat??!!!

I find it rather odd that the year of the rat would be called a lucky year, let alone for the ladies. But if its stated in the stars, who am I to disagree. I’m all for luck. Truth is i need it. I wouldn’t say the year before wasn’t good. It has its moments but towards the end, it went south.

So yah, if it says in the stars its a lucky year, I’m all game. First on the astrology bit they said we ladies are gonna make tonnes of moolah. Since luck is on my side, I decided to invest in unit trust give it a go. I’d rather stock up the moolah and make my empire grow rather than spend on things i don’t need ( That’ll change when i see a nice pair of shoes or out of the world leather bag that i need to have ) I mean with the rate the economy is going through , I think it’s wises choice to be making. To some our country’s inflation doesn’t look bad, honey you ought to thanked your lucky stars our government are pumping in the money to keep us afloat.

The second bit is relationships. To be honest, I know the stars said its fine to hook it up but I’m just gonna take a raincheck on it. Take care of me and my health and life. Get the career on the running. Don’t get me wrong, If a guy ask me out..I’ll go but that’s pretty much it. I don’t want to get into something when I’m not over the emotional rollercoaster. One thing for sure this time, I’m gonna do in with eyes wide open. No more emotional blindness regardless what the astrology.

As for health, it said that it pretty much varies between the animals. If you are a dog such as myself then you have to watch it on the experimental and rigorous sports. Physical injuries are at a high risk this year.

And our wealth ladies, are looking bright right now. Its expected to be on a rise come mid of the year. So don’t you worry about the year end sale. We’ll make it. We’ll make it big.