Get OFF my seat!

The whole week has been filled with utter randomness. Women drama.Odd calls.stupid french director with mindless comments.Pranked date by a friend. Utter weirdness! sheesh..
To add to the whole lot, at dinner I was chased out of my seat by an old lady.*laughs* Speak of randomness.

I went down to a cafe nearby to get some dinner.When i got there it was empty.It was just the cashier and the waiter. I sat right next to a wall facing the tv. Ordered my dinner and doing my own thing.Suddenly, I saw this old disheveled lady come in and walked right at me.Naturally i thought she was one of those unfortunate homeless people. I got my coin pouch out so I could give her some change.

When she finally got to my table, she muttered something. I couldnt hear her and i asked her to repeat what she said. Then she said “Get off my seat!!”.Here I was blardy hungry and all stressed out about my postponed interview, I couldn’t register what was happening to me then. I looked up at her..all confused..and speechless..Then she said it again “Get off my seat!” and gestured me to get off.

I looked around and i saw all the empty seats in the cafe and I couldn’t understand why she wanted mine. Bewildered and dumbfounded I got up instantly and sat at another table. All the time shaking my head out of disbelieve.When i was done with dinner and went up to pay I asked the cashier who she was? Apparently she comes every other day to watch tv and she always sat at that chair. Gangster ahh..*laughs*



It’s odd that people would think, I’d be bummed up turning 27. Honestly, I’m alright.Ok ok i have to admit that I did go through the whole “Crap i’m turning 25…and hitting the 1/4 century mark” panic. But after going through loads of shit for the past couple of years, I thought i’d ought to look at it in a different perspective. You don’t celebrate your birthday all the time..It’s a gift. Every is something we shouldn’t take for-granted.

Every time it comes, you look around and you see the people you love and care..are there for you. Making your day the best day you could ever have.Celebrating your existence. It’ll be heart breaking that on your big day you’re not rejoicing with them..RIGHT?!! So yay! to another year gained.

Yay! to a new start! Yey! to new friends and YEY! to new adventure.Cheers to all who are about to embark on a new adventure.

(photo credit: Encek Khairul)

The bad days..

(photo courtesy : cik baby)

When dark clouds rolls in..and the day is grey. You can’t help but feel a little bit down. Everything you do doesn’t seem to be right. 

You don’t know what to do with your day.

Whether you wanna go out or stay in or just stay all cuddled up in bed wallow in your sorrows. Frankly, wallowing is SoooOOOo OVERATED!

My solution to all my grey days for the past year has been DANCING!!
If I’m at home, I’d put on THE CURE-Friday I’m in Love and just shake my ass off *laughs*

If i decided to go out for a drive, I’d be bobbing my head to THOSE DANCING DAYS-Actionman. I swear motorist would think i’m absolutely bonkers BUT i could care less.

Dancing and shaking to your heart’s content is such a good way to release what ever negative vibes you may have around you. I’d feel absolutely delirious after and ready to get out again to face what ever demons I might have. So i say, shake your ass people. I mean if it doesn’t make you any happy at least you’d lose some pounds doing it.

Master Oogway..

“Yesterday is history,tomorrow is a mystery.But today is a gift,that’s why they call it present..”-Master Oogway-Kung Fu Panda

I cracked up when i saw this quote on Marcell’s blog. It’s just soo funny and right at the same time. Pretty much summed up how i currently feel.

Wanting to trust

(artwork by winst from deviantart)

To trust is a big thing. It sits on par with commitment. You pick who you trust and when you do you never question their credibility unless something major happens. They’re the ones you go to for almost everything. Seeking wisdom,opinions or just a shoulder to cry on. 
They are the ones you can count on..

Nowdays, I noticed people don’t care anymore.To earn someone’s trust means absolutely nothing. There is no value to trust. There is no care on wanting to earn or keep a person’s trust. It’s as if its fine to just betray it all. Its as if its fine to hurt others so carelessly with every actions and every word. 

Of late the issue of trust has been a constant battle for me. I’m always hesitant on letting the real me out. Which at the moment, I personally think its the wises thing I’ve done so far. I just feel I can’t trust anyone. It’s just been a back to back thing..this trust issues. I’ve been reassessing everyone and everything in my life. Who to trust..who to keep close..who to let go. Minus-ing out all the drama. Keeping it simple and honest. Why? Maybe I’ve been rather picky. Maybe I’ve just been let down left right and centre that I stopped wanting to trust. Maybe my guard is setup way up high. I just don’t know anymore. 

To be honest Im just tired. I just want to go with they say it here ..”layan je” . Take my time with everything.If it gets too much I’d just back off. Lately, it has been too much. All the absurd things happening is just too ridiculous to figure out. To hell with it all..i’m just going to take it one at a time..