Type with a bang

I love the opening for this show. Unique way to use typography.

*opening from HBO’s Bored to Death


When he dumped her

She was Damien Rice’s backup singer for 7 years. Worked with him on most of his best selling singles and album.They made a good musical fit. Then one day, right before going up on stage in Germany, Damien turned to her and said her services are no longer needed. What a blow..If i was her i’d be furious and crushed but being the sweet irish girl that she is, Lisa Hannigan took it as a sign to move on and pursue her own music and sound.Move on she did. Her music and videos are a breath of fresh air. She did good by sticking to the basic necessity of sounds and visual.Focusing on what truly matters. I’d say she going to make a big bang. She’s currently on tour with Jason Mraz.Video below, I feel sums up Lisa Hannigan. Enjoy.

Spinto be my spin

You always need a good and positive song to start of your day. Lately, i’ve been going back to some of my old music collections. One in particular is The Spinto Band. A rather pappy band, their mostly known for their hit ‘oh mandy’. Befitting their name, they’ve spin the very worse of moods of out me. With ‘oh mandy’ my day always seem to pick up after repeatingly listening to it. I just love their quirky lyric and happy sound. So here it is, ‘oh mandy’ for you .Enjoy

The move

Finally took the leap and move my entire blog to wordpress. I hesitated the move because of the whole css and coding issue.That it might be difficult to maintain. So far, so good but am running into alil problem with the whole embedding video. Trying to sort that out as i go. All and all i’m pretty excited. I guess is about time we stop questioning things and just do it. Take some risk and make things happen. Here’s to fresh start! see you guys soon!

Lippie Lock

Like any other girl, i love my lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm. I love seeing it in every shades and cases. Even when i’m broke, i would just check out the makeup counter just to see what’s up and coming and what are the latest craze.Like most girl, the dilemma we face is finding the dream colour. The ultimate colour you visualize being on your lip.Giving you the perfect shape and pout. A colour that wouldn’t run out the market as soon as you got it.And at a reasonable price.Alas, all of this are all wishful thinking. Until one day, after much surfing done on the web..I came across this site that teaches you to make your own make up organically and naturally.

The foundation course/tutorial was a little confusing, so i opt for the lip balm/lip gloss tutorial.It was really simple ( and no i’m not gonna reveal my secret.lol ) It takes up a little of your time. Simple ingredients you can find over the counter pharmacy and pigments/colour over the net. The cost of making your own balm/gloss is a fraction of what you pay offer the counter at your regular makeup counter. Plus you get to make your own favourite colour at any time and as much as you want. Your colour will never run out.

After watching the video, i ordered the kit and within a week i got all my stuff togather. Had alil mishap here and there, with the consistency and colour but all and all..it came out just the way i want.Check out my finish product!