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According to a close friend, in order for you to be with someone you’d need some sort of spark.some sort of connection.What if a connection is just not enough? Maybe you need to, I don’t know have more time.More time to let their essence sink in. More time to see how they are when they’re under pressure. More time to see what they’re truly made of. What sort of person are they? What are their principals?What they’re like with their friends? Do they change when ever they’re with different sets of groups? and the list goes on and on and on.

But yah, why is connection so important? Especially to women.I feel that we’ve been brain washed by the media and the people around us on the idea of love,relationship and commitment. My friend Mr K. thinks i’ve concocted this theories as means to avoid any form of commitment. Truthfully I don’t fear commitment. I’m not afraid of risking myself in a relationship.I’ve done it countless times. For me before i get into something serious, first and foremost i don’t want to be pushed. I’d want to have a clear mind. I need to know that when i get into a relationship he’s worth my time. Worth my effort.

So far i’ve only experienced 3 “connections” throughout my life.The first two went on to be the longest and most serious relationship. The 3rd i experienced it few months back. It didn’t turn into a relationship. Honestly i wasn’t really gunning for it to turn into one. I just basically took my time. I wanted to see what he’s made of.Could he take me? Could i take him? Funny thing was we sparked in so many ways and to some that’s enough and we should be togather right this minute.

Sadly i didn’t feel the same way. I couldn’t bring myself to invest more of me in the whole thing. He just didn’t seem right to me. The more we hung out the more i realized that i can’t bring myself to trust him. His actions and words often always contradict.He often seems to have different sides.Half of the time I couldn’t tell which side is the real him or his shell of a persona and that is never good. I just had to say my peace. If you think i’m not disappointed, well you’re wrong. I am a little but at least i found out soon. In other words, connection/spark is never enough. You still need to do some leg work. This way you get to segregate the psychos from the ones that truly deserves your attention.



Sexy sexy McAvoy. He’s not the normal kind of good looking but..he’s super hot. Please please god can i have him *laughs* or anything close is fine *sigh*

Sorting out the folders

We all deal with folders on a day to day basis. From actual yellow or black bound folders to those digital ones on the computer. Everything meant to keep your life organized, in checked, simple and easy. So they say.It takes a lot of thought to label something and putting it in a specific category.

Imagine doing that for your life.Try putting or categorizing an incident or someone into a folder. Not easy. Wait! I take that back, it can be easy when they’ve been complete jerks.Right them off with a big REJECT stamp on the their file *grins* ahh if only life was really that simple. Sadly you can’t always have what you want. So yah, its complex this whole filing shenanigans. One wrong move then you’d have to reassess the whole incident or individual again and I hate it when that happens. It just takes a lot out of you.’

A close friend of mine refuses to succumb to this folder system.To him once you’ve categorized and place them in their respective folder, it’ll be the end for them. You’ll forever have a set opinion over them and it’ll be hard to change that down the road. I agree with him. So much so that if you could stack up all my life issues, the people I’d want to put in the hater folder is stacked so high I think right now it’ll probably be up to the ceiling. Don’t get me wrong i’m not ignoring or pushing anything under the rug. I’m not running away from my mistakes or what’s been troubling me. For now this time around, I’d like to leave to chance. Instead of hunching over mountain of “paper works” worrying about what and who goes where, let the card fall as they may.

No point analyzing things when everything is just apparent.Things happen coz they happen. Yes for a reason but you don’t have to figure out the reason there and then. I’m a hardcore believer of the kharmatic cycle. If you do shit, then you’ll get shit and If you lie,then it will be made transparent the next time around. All we gotta do is be patient and just wait…Ohmmm hahahahaah…

If he can shake it then he can make it

It’s hard to find a guy who could shake it. I’m not talking about just swaying from side to side,moving his arms Pharrel-ish way ( though at times it is cool ). I’m talking about proper gyrating,hip swishing, belly dancer ish moves. I’ve never seen it around town.There has been some close call but never never like what I’ve experienced tonight.

Mraz really knocked me out off my feet. Shit! The man can move. I swear when he was breaking his moves, all I mean all the girls in that freakin stadium including myself screamed. Not only can he sing,play the guitar but he can really really dance. And in my book, THAT RAWKS!!!!

He was really one with his body. You know the guy is comfortable with everything about himself. He is a geek in the truest form but a freaking sexy geek. Everything about him tonight oozed confident sexuality *smile* Non of those cocky macho crap we usually get here. Seeing this dude live was the ultimate experience. A complete pro.

Guys seriously if you want to make it with girl, you got to shake to make it. It is true what you’ve been hearing. Girls do check you out when you dance. If you’re good…HIGH HIGH Points in our books!!! So go practice !! Show your woman what you can do! Rock her world!