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i swim the other way

Conventional by any other name would be..Normal…General..Masses..Traditional..All which i am not..For as long as i can remember, i’ve always been a salmon. Swimming upstream rather than the other. Ok bad analogy but you get my point right.So i decided to make a list, i don’t know why but yah a list of me being unconventional. Yes i do have some time on my hand…that and i’m really avoiding yah..away we go with the list.

1. I eat my nutella like a lollypop. I put in a big spoon..swirl it around to shape it to a ball and lick it off hours on end..i know ..sick..:)

2. i don’t dress my age..shut up don’t ask how old i am..LOL

3. When every girls/women spend hours window shopping/ shopping..i spend less than 15 minutes in a shop..longest was 30 and that was coz the girl couldn’t find my size.. IDIOT!

4. Every girl goes goo goo gaa gaa over high heels..i flip over sneakers and ballet slippers..

5. i love old library books…the smell of it..the age..i like old things..has a soul..

6. During Eid, when all my female cousins wore the traditional lady dresses..i wore the men’s instead..i find them much cooler..Gave my granny a heart attack..Never do that again 😛

7.  i hate roses..i hate valentine..

8. I have more compassion for animals than human..

9. I like to sing and perform but only for myself..for now..

10. I’m learning on a day to day basis to expect less from everyone around me..

11. I mostly like to float in the pool than swim…and i do this mostly at night..when it’s quiet.

12. When everyone wanted to be a blonde..i wanted to be a redhead…the fiery ..the better..almost had it once..good times..

13. i don’t know how to be a girl..i know how to be me…just me..