talk=not moving on???

Why is it when we talk about how we feel or when we unload certain emotions from our past, we’re considered as not moving on?
I find this odd! 

Is it a crime to talk about what hurt us in the past? Why do people automatically assume that when you talk about your past, you’re still angry and bitter about it. Ok, granted some people might be angry or bitter about their past but you can’t crucify everyone just because some bad apple feels absolutely betrayed by a certain someone from their past.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about my past. At first it was alright but it became weird when the topic of moving on came to play. He asked what made me moved on? I answered “I moved on because he (my ex) made me feel like a fool, so i decided to drop him coz he’s not worth it”  then my friend answered “What’s done is done..move on”  When he said this, I couldn’t help but feel “Huhh??”  It was just odd for me, for him to assume that I haven’t moved on. To make matters worse his assumption was based on a remark that was meant to set a record straight. In actual fact he knows i’ve been out dating and meeting new people. I find it weird that with what he knows, it got wiped cleaned because of my unloading session.

Back to the question, does talking about it = not moving on? If that’s the case then we should kill all the psychiatrist. We don’t need them because apparently it doesn’t help to talk. It’s better to shut up about it and let the sorrow eat you up inside out. I swear sometimes, the local culture is soo screwed up. You’re not allowed to voice your pain. You’re not allowed to voice your opinion. You’re not allowed to voice your apologies. What are you allowed to do? 

I say, screw it because we’re human. We become better people by learning from our mistakes. Say what you need to say and let it out. If no one believes you..atleast the universe and god knows. I on the other hand am just gonna be me. I heal by unloading my feelings. It’s been good for me so far. So i’m going to stick with it. I don’t want the bitterness eating me inside out.

I for one would like for someone to be upfront with their feelings..don’t you..XOXO..