Tailor Made

Some people live their life with everything figured out in their head. What they’re gonna be when they grow up. What sorta friends they should have. Who they should date. Who they should end up with. How the husband and wife to be should look like. Its just so amazing how people can just put all of it togather as if its some puzzle.

At one point of my life, I thought i’d grow up to be a lawyer. Married a tall and handsome looking white man with blue eyes and alittle dimple on the side when ever he smiles. I’m 4 years away from my 30th Birthday, non of that has came close to coming through, well except the fact i’ve dated few causcasian and am still quite attached to one Hawaiian man i met when i was 19 years old. Didn’t work coz I didn’t believe in long distance relationship ( wonder how that’ll turn out ). I’m not whining or anything, is just that for me i realised, I couldnt do it all. I couldn’t be or live based on someone elses expectation. I told myself, If there’s going to be an added stress or preassure then it better be on my own terms.

Everyone i know aims for perfection in some sort of way or another. Whether in physical attributes, life or career. What is perfection? What is perfection worth now? If its at your own expense and your unhappiness, then forget it.

I’d rather do something that’s tailored made for me. My life, my looks, my career, my music and my relationship. I’ll be deciding if they fit me and not the other way around. You should move at your pace..Live your life..