The art of declaring one’s affection or love to another human being is something i’ve always been interested to know. I guess because i’m a silly romantic. I just love hearing stories from friends and strangers on how they’d declare their love for their¬†significant¬†other.

Like my parents, they met at the library. My dad frequently went there to get my mom’s attention. He’d always find ways to sit close to her. He’d say silly things to get a reaction out of her but my mom didn’t take the bait. He tried so many times to win her and on the day he decided it would be his last try, my mom cocked her head to the side and smile and said “hey, you have fangs..i like guys with fangs” It’s cheesy i know but i’ve always kept that story close to heart . Just found it adorable that my mom had my dad at his fangs.

But yah, the art of professing one’s feelings is a true art form. Through out my dating “career” ( i say career because its a full time job on it own) I’ve done silly things to profess my affections to my significant other. I’ve written songs. I wrote text messages while they were sleeping next to me to tell them how i felt. I sneaked in a note in his bag and so much more. To some, all these acts are deemed childish..high school even..but most silly romantics i know..such acts are looked upon as sweet and adorable.

It’s not everyday one would get such declaration and admiration from a significant other. Professing one’s feelings is a momentous act for each person. It takes a lot out of them to be able to do such things. Its something to admire instead of it be made a mockery. Its an action to tell the other how he or she is special in their eyes. In our eyes. Its something that you shouldn’t fear because its the purest sense of honesty. A form of flattery. Regardless of how it’s been done, when you’re in love you just do silly things.