I want…

Today is the day I tell the universe what I want. Ok ok it might sound as if I had an overdose of The Secret but when you read the book and watch the DVD, you kinda pick up on the positive vibes. In a section of the DVD, one of the philosophers suggested that we make an “I Want List”. It’s like a to do list of what you want to have done through out your entire life. The list is a means for you to focus on so you wouldnt lose track of the things you want most. Another way to not dwell on the negatives. So today I decide to make my very own ” I want list”. Here goes.

– I want to have a healthy and fit body

– I want to have smooth and flawless skin

– I want to be spiritually complete and one with my religion

– I want to be more positive, confident and assertive of myself

– I want to love myself more and accept me more

– I want my relationship with my mom to be more positive, warm and closer

– I want to have 1 million dollars in my bank by the age of 30

– I want to be married to a man that respects, love, care and will guide me through this life according to our islamic beliefs.

-I want to be a successful business woman

– I want to have my dream office space

– I want to buy my mother her dream car and house in the next 3 years

– I want be independent

– I want to make an impact in my community and help the less fortunate

– I want regular income, projects

– I want to sing and perform my heart out next year

For now, the ones above are the ones i’m focus on. I’m sure i’ll add somemore to the list soon.
The first step is done and now to follow through.


The day good english became a 4 letter word

Yes you read it right, the title is saying what it means. Several days back I was accused of vulgarity when I used the word “civilised” to calm a maniac of a woman, who went all psycho on me when I tried to elaborate a specific situation. The accuser, was the woman’s daughter. I believe the maniac was too shocked at my chosen words that she couldn’t bring herself to confront me but sent her blank headed of a daughter to deliver her two cents. The conversation went like this:

Accuser: What ta’ hell did you say to my mother?

Me: What are you actually referring to because we spoke at length about a lot of things.

Accuser: I was told that you were rude and disrespectful.

Me: Is that so? How was I rude and disrespectful? As far as i could remember, I didn’t get a decent word in. How could I , with your mother screaming at the top of her lungs, saying obscene things to me . Which I found odd because it had nothing to do with the issue at hand.

Accuser: You used the word “Civilised”

Me: Yes I did. Of course I did. You’d do the same when a mad woman goes on a rampage. That’s the most decent thing you’d say. I’d had a different word in mind but because I remember who your mother was, I refrained myself from sinking to your family’s level.

Accuser: Couldnt you have used a different word? Do you think you’re better than us just because you used complicated words?WHAT!! Do you think you’re smarter than us?

Me: First of all, the word “civilised” is not a FOUR LETTER WORD. If i had let what your moronic of a mother get to me, the word civilized would be the least of her concern. I said to your mother lets sort this out like civilized people because she was screaming at the top of her lungs.


Me: Not when they’re not right, self centered, crazy and verbally abusive. I wasn’t raised to tolerate that sort of third world country mind set. If you think its rude to stand up for yourself than that’s you’re prerogative.

After the nitwit and I hung up, I couldnt help myself but laughed. She got all worked up about a word that meant : ( civilized) polite and well-mannered . Her reaction was as if I cussed at her mother. By god I did want to wring the woman’s neck for what she said but yah, she got worked up about a word that meant nothing. I’m just in utter disbelief of the reaction. Everytime, since that day, when i recall back, I laugh. To think that you have idiots like these around.Mann…the world has trully became bonkers.