You can leave whenever you want out

I always thought Scar Jo could sing. I mean come on, check out those lips.There’s bound to be some good vocals coming out. And now, teaming up with Pete Yorn, just reaffirms my believe in this woman!. She just superbly talented! She can do no wrong. Well not yet that is  😉 . Check out this video Relator with MR MIGHTY SEXY YORN! *sigh* The cinematography is just wonderful for me. Captures the essence of confused and troubled love…Enjoy …


A.D. 101

I’ve hated the way people in the advertising world do things. They were always mean and demeaning bullies. They think just because they are art directors or creative creative director or even upper management they get to talk down to you. They milk you for every last idea you have and then kick you to the curb. No appreciation..No respect. I vowed to myself, when i was made into an Art Director, I wouldn’t repeat the same idiotic mistake of my past employer. So now, after 5 years working experience and 3 years as an Art Director, I feel that i’ve manage to push some stones aside and made some positive impressions and getting back positive reactions. And all i did was abide by these steps:

-Never forget first and foremost we’re all human and we’re bound to make some sort of mistake.

-You want to train them to be a thinker and not a follower.

-Teach them the basic need to constantly sketch out every ideas. Its the fastest way to get the idea on paper. Plus, i feel kids now days including myself go straight to the computer without analyzing all angles of designs.

-Defend your people! Never make them look bad! They look bad, YOU look bad!

-Be kind but stern

-Never forget that once upon a time you started from below

-Encourage them to be brave. Teach them to speak their mind and defend their work. A firm rationale is a good design.

-Teach them everything you know. Don’t be too stingy with your knowledge. Who knows you might trade skills and learn a thing or two.

-Remember to laugh once and awhile and especially with your team.

-Give respect and appreciation when its due

-Be firm and straight with you words. Never be cruel.

Sensuous kiss


(pinched from annaluxx flickr)

Kisses. It stimulates you in ways you can never define. Ignites your passion. Make your insides go wild but then it all depends as to where you are kissed. For me the image above, capture the best sensual feeling. It just oozes love..