Gyms are the DEVIL!!!

It’s official, I hate them gyms. Especially the one to your left. They really suck you dry. Its no wonder they refused cash and insist on your credit card as mode of payment. They know they can easily take advantage of you. Majority of their clients are young executive. All caught up with their work and almost no time to themselves.

You see, when you sign up with the gym above, your contract runs up to 2 years. You’re tied to them. You’re not allowed to join a second gym. Like the devil, the minute you sign that contract they’ll suck you dry. In my case, my contract ended in july and by right they shouldnt charge me because I’ve paid the first and last month during registration.

To my surprise I found out they continued charging me when my contract has expired. Bare this in mind, they are a major INTERNATIONAL GYM. And they couldn’t spare a moment to write or call me to inform that my account has expired or to ask whether i’d want to resume with them.
The just charge my card. HOW SICK IS THAT!!!

When i called to complain, they said well you didn’t come by and sign some letter. And i replied i called and i went over and NO one i repeat NO one told me the proper steps. Everyone said its noted. This was done months before my account expired. They wanted to reimbursed me with this VIP card. I can’t believe this. They had the chick to ask me to pass a gym card to someone else. After what i knew about them. NO FUCKIN wayy!!!. i’m not going to promote their company. Bad Service!!!!! Bad Attitude!!!

Tomorrow is “D” Day..where i bring hell to that god forsaken place. I’m so not going to settle with a blardy coupon. That won’t do. Someone’s gonna bleed.


So they confide to their mothers…

When communicating with ones parent, how much is too much of your personal information do you divulge to them? Where do you draw the line? To some it is completely normal to just spill everything, to tell all their dirty secrets. Mothers and daughters do this. Its like an unwritten rule. You don’t share you die. You dont‘ gossip you die. By unloading your emotions is like a holy bonding session between a mother and daughter. Sacred even to some. I’ll go as far as to call it a woman thing.

But when a guy confides mostly everything to his mum i find it odd. Look i’m all for it when a man is in touch with his emotions and all that jargon but when he talks of personal matters, and one that involves your relationship with him, you can’t but help it to be alittle ticked off..!!! I just wonder what goes on in their mind, (their meaning the men) when they’re doing this?? I mean don’t they know by dissing out on their girl to their MOM !! of all person doesn’t help matters. You’re just giving the woman ammo to hate or use against the girl the next time shit happens. I know to some this might sound harsh but to a certain extend is true.

Mothers are completely overly protective of their son. When they detect defect, it will all go down the hill from there. The girl can never be good in her eyes no more. You can try but i tell you this from my experience, they’ll still give you that eye whenever you come around. The kind that lingers. The demeaning type look. It isn’t obvious but you just know because you can feel the heat burning right into your flesh that you just cant sit still not even for a second. You know when you have that uncomfortable feeling when you first meet you bf’s or gf’s parents that sort a interrogating aura..times that by 10. That searing heat. Yup not something you want to go through i’m sure.

When you tell the bf about the look, he’ll say ” No’re just imagining it” Seriously I am not imagining it. Why on earth would i want to imagine your mother giving me the hate. I’d want her to like me man.. I mean come on seriously…think !!!!! Stop and think!!! I honestly don’t mind if he’s sharing his own problems. That doesn’t involves us, as a couple. I’m big about that. Even friends, I dont‘ tell them everything just what they need to know. I keep my relationship issues mostly to myself and i’d like to keep it between me and the man and not anyone else.

I dont share much of my relationships with my mother because i know she’d be emotional. She’s be holding grudges and judging. Which is not what i want. Coz relationship is all about the roller coaster ride. You have good days and bad. You don’t want people to go hating your love ones on account of something shitty he or she did that just one time. We’re all human anyway.

The point i’m trying to make is, there’s so much judging and pointing fingers in the world as it is. You don’t want an outsider to get in your business when they don’t know jack. And because its a convenient thing to do…to point fingers.

Other side of the rainbow

Right this moment I can hear my good friend Bae saying this, ” Dont take it personally Elly”. I try but sometimes certain issues would just creep up and I’m back where I started. Lately things has been crazy. In a year I’ve gone through so many obstacles. Early of the year a crazy ass taiwanese woman which i might add has been paid in full by the kharmatic cycle. I doubt she learned anything but knowing that she got hers sooner than i thought gives me some comfort that there is some justice in the world.

Second obstacle, misunderstood by my bf’s aunt. She told my boyfriend’s mum that i yelled at her when i didn’t. To make things worse the mum believed her sister. And he believed his mum. It almost caused our relationship. The fact that misunderstanding could make the relationship wobble goes to show that it wasn’t as solid as i thought.

The most recent, is his bestfriend. Called me all the way from down under, not only yelled but cussed at me. Again another misunderstanding. I held on by the thread. I wanted so much just to let go and screw the guy up but i thought otherwise. I thought i’d be the water. Be the bigger person but it made me seemed weak. Which i’m not. I hate that i gave that man the impression that he scared me. Hell NO!!! But for the boyfriend and what my good friend said i let it slide and be the mature one.

With all this hanging on my back, i can’t stop but think is there much over the rainbow? I mean this whole drama seemed like a deja vu. With my past ex. Simillar scenario also misunderstood. Wrongly accused the difference is will he stand up for me. I try not letting all this get to me..His mother and sister not liking me and his best friend hating me. I try but again when you think about is there really much to hope. Is there really something good on the other side of the rainbow?


What an event full day. Not only have I’ve been accused of racking someones relationship, I received a warning letter from the bank because of my carelessness. The wake of the day was filled with much anxiety and negativeness.That it needed to be change on the second half of the day.How a conversation between girl friends could be blown out of proportion literally. I’m starting to think that the best bet is to blog than speak or discuss among your peers. At least this way you won’t be placed under the spot.

I just dont understand some people. Why have contemplation on account of someone else. Why sometimes that they need a sign to justify their emotions. I just wonder sometimes what sorta understanding that one should have when in a relationship? Bare all the bullshit given by your partner? Let him / her walk over you?

I just don’t get it. Why woman or man need to lower themselves on account of not wanting to hurt their other half. Don’t they know that relationship is all about communications and patience. Nothing in the world is perfect nor definite. I’m not claiming to be the miss know it all, but i do believe in anything you need to constantly talk. Iron out all the wrinkles.

I hate the fact that when something goes wrong, it has to be someone elses fault. Someone must have done something. Could it just be that the relationship was weak to begin with? I guess when things such these happens you see ones maturity from their actions.

You see their characters. Even it can’t be helped. I guess some people are just built that way. Well i acknowledge part the current mishaps / miscommunication was avoidable but honestly when a group of women get together you can’t help how things would turn out. The usual saying goes you can’t judge the book by its cover. You think the person could take it and is on the same boat with you but you can never tell anymore. Just have to thread matters of the heart in a sensitive way.

Honestly, after all the drama, this blogger is sooooo not gonna be relating any emotional talks anytime soon. I’ve given up trying to make it work and getting respect or liked by that certain party. Truthfully him being around or not doesn’t determine my lively-hood. I’m gonna quote my friend mum ” Matters of the heart, are things to be sorted out between two lover and not the three” . I intend to stick to that for awhile. Again DRama !!! Drama!! Drama

Call me Ms. Sensitive

Yes! I’m sensitive. I can’t change it. I’ve tried believe me. No matter how much I’ve tried, I still get that..”Elly, you’re sensitive”. I’ve had tonnes of people saying to me to keep it down a notch. Can you really? keep it down.
I wonder? I’ve tried not showing. Ive tried brushing it off with a joke. I’ve tried doing the confident thing. Bottom line i still feel hurt and sensitive when something mean or sad or evil is being said to me or about me.

How can’t i not? How would you feel if someone would to say something mean and harsh about you? Wouldn’t you react the same way? If you’re lying. I’m sure that you’ll feel it some where.Not in your heart but somewhere.
If you don’t then you’re not human.

The common line “Don’t let them get to you” I mean come on how do you actually do that. When its an obvious attack.I’m sorry that i’m so in touch with my feelings that the slightest comment could bring me to tears. I try my hardest to just look past it. But i can’t help it. I wish I could be strong. Am i not allowed a bad day. It just infuriates me when it comes to my day…my low day, I’m left without a net.

I’m left to plummet to the ground. No one to rescue me or thrown me a line. I guess to some point its true, that you can do so much to care about others. Give as much as you can and dont expect the same.