I love her voice..such strength..


You forgot your knives

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Hypocrites, they’re on top with all the other things that I hate. They live off people’s misery. They like seeing chaos. It brings joy to their rotten lil heart. Bastards!

These hypocritical individual they are indecisive. They don’t know if they want to be good or bad.Black or white. Make up your fucking mind yo! Stop being blardy cowards!! Stand up for what you believe and feel.

If you dislike someone..say it! don’t go behind their back and bitch about them and then act all peachy in front of em. That’s just not right. Why be on the fence about how you feel about someone. You know how you know its for real. You know the hatred you have towards someone wouldn’t change. You know its made of stone.

Then why the heck deny? Why the hell are you hiding behind your fucking mask??!!!
Do you wanna know why you do it…Coz you’re just chicken shit! You have this biggest insecurity and fear. You fear that if you let out your outmost hatred towards a person you’d be judge. And what ever your flaws would be visible. Coz you know how human being works. We pick at everything. The moment we sense someone hates another, we’d pick at it. We dissect and analyze as to why do u have such animosity towards someone. Who made you perfect? And all the unwanted questions comes pouring out.

That my friend is your fear. The fear of facing those questions. So you settle for normalcy..which is bitching about others..picking at their flaws..better them than you RIGHT!!! Ass! You’re just another insecure coward settling for scraps. You feed of someone’s pain. GO ahead carry on doing it.Settle for bullshit.Settle for pain. But i dare you to be different! I dare you to come up to my face and let your feelings known!!! I dare YOU!