My favourite man

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Going through this website called Lookbook. It’s like facebook but it focuses more on individual with fashion in mind. They put up visuals of what they like to wear or what interest them in fashion. I’m completely in love with this website. Thanks MISS Lin for introducing me to this site. I”m completely 

Anyway, was scrolling through and i saw this guy ( image right ) Ok shallow time, he would be the most ideal looking man for me. Everything about him physically, is what i look at in a man.

Right kind of skinny. Right kind of built. His fashion sense is just right!!!
where oh where can i find this man!!! Here’s hoping for more men like this in 2009. 

the end..

Another week and 2008 comes to an end. When I look back, its just so surreal how time just flies. Part of me is glad that it came and went just like that but another part dreads the end.

I’m not one to reminisce but for 2008,it has been quite an adventure. Both good and bad. Most of all, I found a little of myself then i have in the past years and Im glad.

Simplicity and reality has been the guiding force for this year. After the whole debacle with the ex, I’ve decided to not load myself with such enormous burden unless necessary. Taking my time in everything be it work..friends..or love. I’ve made a promise to not bulldoze into something i have no actual grasp on. Sticking to it has brought me much happiness.

Looking and living through a fresh perspective, has made me more patient, tolerant and slightly more forgiving of people’s ignorance and idiocies ( yes girls, i’m working on my forgiving bit, not easy i’d might add ). There has been moments that i had to undergo such bewilderment. To this day i still shake my head to it when ever i recall the incident.I guess i believe and have to much hope in the goodness of people.Then again, changing a person is never my thing.I discoverd by saying things as it is and calling off all Bullshit has lifted the curtain of misconception and the idealism of how life should be. Most of the time, I feel like the shot above. I pace myself in order to see what is real and what is not.
The stillness of it all before all hell breaks loose. 

No more fairy-tale and romanticism. No more being sucked and pressured into doing something. No more pleasing the society. No more blending in. No more disrespect. 

Living life real,simple,honest and with my instinct…

When we are wise..

Remember when you were a lot younger there were certain things..scent..colours that you didn’t particularly like. You’d frown when ever you see…touch..or smell those particular things. When I was in my younger years..i disliked anything colourful. Pretty much stayed with black,blue,brown and white most of my life. I disliked any scent that was musky or flowery..I find it tickled my nose. I disliked most things bombarded with flowers. Especially those Italian wooden chair, the type of chair you would find in a typical malay house. Gaudy looking, with bright mismatch colour and patterns.

As i grew wiser, I notice some of my dislikes faded but some stayed. My dislikes for colourful clothing went by like a flash. I now am a colourful believer. My dislikes for those Italian furniture sadly, still remains. Personally, I feel the person who came up with those furniture designs were either blind or drunk when he was drawing up the idea. I still don’t understand why all the local big shots and wealthy still buy those hideous looking excuse for a furniture.
I guess with money doesn’t mean you get style. Ah well..god is fair.

The most recent thing I found out and could knock off my dislike list is the scent of musk. I found that I’m rather alright with it. I thought as i grew wiser, I’d still have a slight distaste towards it but yah amazingly i was fine. Nose didn’t tickled. Didn’t sneeze a frenzy. I was utterly captivated by the smell. Maybe because it was on a man’s neck when i smelled it. When I caught a whiff of that scent, I was bemused. I quickly asked him what brand of perfume it was..and he answered “Dunhill” and i was shocked. Never in a million years I’d thought i’d be utterly captivated let alone wanting to smell more of this scent.

When I told my “discovery” to my friend she said ” We’re just getting old dear” and laughed. Stating that, she solved the mystery..