Mr Dylan

“I define nothing. Not beauty, not patriotism. I take each thing as it is, without prior rules about what it should be.

“I don’t think the human mind can comprehend the past and the future. They are both just illusions that can manipulate you into thinking theres some kind of change.

He was on to something..


I don’t..

In light of all this bizarre craze on Facebook, the whole list out 25 things or more as means to get to know you as a person is just soo hmmm…to me..but since i have nothing to do on this god forsaken day (Valentine’s Day). I thought what tha’ heck ! Let’s do it! but with my own twist of course.And it goes something like this:

-I don’t like ignorant people

-I don’t like to be lied to. I feel that when you lie you disrespect first yourself and the person you’re trying to have a connection with.I mean as white lies goes…if you can avoid not doing great..there are times..white lies are needed but when it comes to serious matters..never i repeat NEVER LIE! If you do and its with me…it takes a while i mean awhile till i’ll let you in my good books.

-I don’t like roses!! Stop buying them for me!

-I don’t like being pushed around

-I don’t like when people test my patience. I rarely get pissed but when i lose it, its almost always out of control

-I don’t like men who are constantly jealous.

-I don’t like confrontation. Not that I can’t handle it. I just feel there other means to settling a problem.If all else fails then maybe you can resort to something drastic

-I don’t like drama queens. Its not always about ya’ll!

-I don’t like to be forced out of my slumber. It’ll just whack out my whole day. I’d be literally in a bad mood the through day.

-I don’t like when people accuse or attack my family. I get really protective

-I don’t like indecisive people. Make up your mind ahh HALO!

-I don’t like jelly like food or things or animal..UGH!

-I don’t like girlie girls with their wispy voices. They’re just acting innocent when in actual fact they’re as bad or worse than some of us loud,forward talking girls

-I don’t like Malaysian drivers. Its fact they’re all shit drivers

-I don’t like snobby people

-I don’t like disrespectful people

-I don’t like wannabe Don Juan’s. Please ahh go check the mirror!! You think you so hot is it!

-I don’t like when people repeat vicious cycle. Be it from cheating on their gf coz in the past their exs cheated on them or beating up a child just because they came from an abused background. PLease grow a PAIR!!! Life is a cycle! You do one today you’ll get yours another day! KHARMA DARLING!

I’ve run out of things to not like. I swear before i started i had tonnes..I guess train ran out of steam hahhah

What i miss most..

It’s those little things that make you miss wanting to be with someone but it doesn’t necessarily mean a relationship. It could be with a close friend or someone you have a passion and connection for. A certain someone you can actually enjoy those little things with.

Little things like going to cafe’ and enjoying a cup of coffee and talk for hours on end about everything and nothing. Going to music stores and looking and listening to records that we ‘d both like and go bonkers for.

Sitting on a couch and just cuddle and take in the silence and enjoying each others company. Holding hands on a cold night and walking close to keep warm. Long drives to no where, with good music blaring on the radio and singing to our hearts content or just keeping quiet and listen to the music.

Travel to a quiet island with nothing to do but laze in the sun and swim in the sea. Kissing for hours and just enjoying the taste and passion of each other’s lips and feel the raw emotions of being close and connected. Staying in at home together on a quiet Sunday and just cook a feast and just eat between the two of us. Trying out hats and shoes and parading in front of one another.

Ahh the joy of those little things…