He who makes you flip

Come July, it would come to a full circle to when the ex and i hooked up. How time just flies. Looking back i wonder what made me like him? Did he make my tummy flutter? did it make it flip. I guess its a momentous thing for a girl to have butterflies and flippy movement in their tummy when it comes to men they like. Personally, i don’t go through this fluttering “phase” often so when i get one, i’d have those “wait a minute, is that for real” moments.

To an extent at the beginning the ex and i  had that, the floating sensation. The only time i remember most was when we caught Broken Social Scene together in Singapore. Couldn’t get our hands off  one another. Constantly hugging..kissing making googly eyes. I think the dude who sat behind us could have barfed looking at our lovey-dovey-ness. I’d barf or kick me for being so gooey in public but as a whole..looking at the relationship in a bigger perspective, he didn’t make me flip.

I think i should have known from the first kiss. It was better in my head. Anyway, ever since then i’ve been filtering the guys i date by their kisses. how passionate they are. And of all the frogs i kissed, only one made my insides go whoptidooooo..maybe because he’s super experience being that he’s 11 years ahead of me. The way he worked his lips..his hands..god his hands ..SUPER SEXY! everything about him is just hot. He just knew how to work it..work me. He took control and just staked claim. I was then truly in the arms of a man.

He’s everything i’d ask in a man except for his sudden Mr Hyde tendencies and his judgement of women. He kept on lugging me into the same group of all the women that hurt him in the past. how we’re all the same…it’s just annoying..too broken..and i don’t think i’d have the energy to want to endure that. It’s not something anyone can fix. It’s just disappointing how it all turned out. I actually thought he’d be the normal ones. Bummer that he makes me flip but we can’t be together..*shrugs* back to the trenches again