Love thy-self

“I only want the best which is for me” says falloutboy. Without a doubt, I agree. Friends are saying, I fear commitment but that’s not right. I have no problem committing to someone. Is just for now I just want to be with me. Honestly, I’d be lying if I said I’m completely happy where I am and that I’m not lonely.Being alone and lonely is two different things.

Of course, I get lonely but I’d rather be alone rather than to deal with someone else’s insecurities..problem..drama. It’s not that i haven’t been out with anyone..or that I haven’t liked anyone. I have. At present I am in like with someone. Is just I dont know if he’s worth all the trouble?

Friends are saying how would I know for sure if he’s worth it if I don’t take the leap? Answer is..I dont know? As for now maybe, he has yet proven himself worthy enough for me to want to leap. I want to see him unravel. I want to see what sort of person he is. Does he love himself enough to not be all caught up with bullshit around him. I need someone logical,rationale and strong..That much I know.

I’m just so at the point in my life where it’s me first then everyone else. I can’t make you happy if i’m not happy first. I want to be able to be me and not be questioned or shh-ed in regards of my actions. I need an equal. I need a man that would compliment me and not complete me. Gone were the days of “You complete me!” bullshit.