Why do we constantly pick the wrong one?

With all the constant preassure of marriage from society, family and friends, it doesn’t help matters of choosing the right one. You would think that at this day an age, people would just lighten up about it. Fine, that it is a parental thing to worry whether your child would end up hitched to someone or anyone for that matter. So long as they get hitched. Personally, not to sound disrespectful towards the elders, I think they should just lay back. I mean nothing good comes out from things that are rushed. So what if your son or daughter turns 25 or 26, it wasn’t written anywhere or in any book that at that age they should settle down.

No matter how much i grumble about this, I can’t change society, family or friends. Fact is, everyone is obssessed about being with someone. Because of that, because of this race against time set by society, we always manage to choose the wrong one. There are times, you’d think that he or she might be the one but something about em doesn’t fit. It’s as if you’ve forgive and let go of all their misgivings and inadequacy. In other words, we settle for less than what we deserve.

We look to our left and right and just grab whomever that makes us feel alittle comfortable. Alittle loved and cared for. We fall into the bullshit of it all. We get all caught up with what the tvs and the movies said about love and romance. We just get caught up. Well, I refuse to get caught up. Anything less than passion, romance, compassion, humour, witt,kinkyness, sweet smile and heart, intelligence, and would fall head over heels for me as me and would stand for me when I’m in need of a support, wouldn’t work. I don’t want anything less than that anymore.
Why lessen myself for someone who’s never been worthy of me. I don’t know if this whole experiment would work and that I’d find the one, but atleast i know if all fails, I came out on the other end as me and no one else. With a guy or no guy in tow. I’m up for slowing down the race…